Glass Tile Wallpaper
Each of the tile patterns are produced in mosaic glass, suitable for interior or exterior application on walls, floors, even ceilings. Segmented into themes, the Wallpaper collection offers a multitude of diverse styles from richly elegant and serene to playful and funky. Depending on the pattern, the mosaic tile is saturated with reflective color, recycled from post consumer glass, veined with aventurine stone, shimmering with iridescence, or hand made 24 k colored gold from Orsoni, a 19th century Venetian foundry. The individual tiles are either 3/4" or 5/8" square and assembled into modules that allow seamless repetition of the design. The animated glass surface of the mosaic tile glows in the sun, and under low light. The small size of the tile enables it to act like a skin, covering any flat or curved surface. The Wallpaper collection combines the functionality and durability of tile with a multitude of distinct pattern and exuberant color choices to reflect the diversity of personal style and attitude. The themes are inspired from textile and fashion resources. DM Decos by Design, Inc., is an international distributor of mosaic tile and surface collections that reflect an awareness and respect of the earth's natural and limited resources. Unconventional combinations of materials and colors, recycled glass, artistic collaborations, and unique textures enhance residential applications around the globe.
Glass Wallpaper

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