DMDecos by Design - Fine Art Limited Edition Reproductions Can Now Be EnjoyedOutdoors in Wide Format!
West Palm Beach, Florida – July 17, 2014 – Itused to be that when a client or customer wanted artwork or photography printsfor outside use, artists and photographers would need to change thesubject. Not anymore.

Today, ArtSezz introduces a brand new product thatallows artists, photographers, and exterior landscape designers to enjoylimited edition printing on a material that won’t warp, bend, or break.

This aluminum composite material is a game-changer forboth the artist or photographer and the individuals or commercial entities whowant to beautify the outdoors.

Imagine a material that allows for crystal clearreproductions and outstanding color fidelity in prints that can be as large as4’ x 8’. Now you no longer have toimagine. Just imagine thepossibilities…


David S. Morganstein
Chief Innovative Officer
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